Comprehensive Injury Representation Backed By More Than 40 Years’ Combined Experience

Verdicts And Settlements: A Record Of Success

Our lawyers have obtained over $107 million in settlements and verdicts for clients since founding this firm in 2006.

$250,000 - Car Accident

We represented a hard-working heating-and-air contractor who suffered a herniated disc in a low-impact collision of less than 5 miles per hour. The defense claimed that our client’s morbid obesity was the cause of his problems, but our firm did not give in and instead tracked down witnesses to help prove the wreck caused the injuries. Our lawyers tracked down a pivotal scene-witness who had moved to Okinawa, Japan from Columbus, Georgia since the time of the wreck.

$125,000 - Car Accident

We obtained the entire liability insurance coverage and under insured motorist coverage for our client injured in a car wreck in Phenix City, Alabama.

$75,000 - Insurance Claim

Our firm provided the insurance company for an at-fault driver with a policy limits demand within days of being retained by our client. The insurance company tendered its policy limits promptly in response, which provided our client the funds needed to help move forward with recovery.

$122,630 - Insurance Claim

Jury verdict and payment in full. The insurance company had offered less than 10 percent of this amount in advance of trial, and our lawyers refused to accept less than a fair amount to resolve our client’s claims. The jury’s verdict was paid in full which allowed our client to receive funds helpful to moving forward with life.

$3,000,000 - Nursing Home Abuse

in combined settlements for mistreatment of patients in assisted care homes.

$650,000 - Physical trauma

Our client sustained physical trauma that was relatively unnoticeable, but the client was diagnosed with chronic regional pain syndrome as a result of the trauma. We ushered testimony to help prove our client’s claims, which led to a settlement of $650,000 with the insurance company in advance of trial.

$575,000 - Wrongful Death

We represented the parents of an underage child who was served alcoholic beverages and then died in a motor vehicle accident. Our firm pursued claims under a Georgia statute that provides a right of action to a parent whose child is furnished alcohol without the parent’s consent, which led to a settlement with the insurance companies for the persons who served the minor child.