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Using a lawn mower is not typically viewed as a dangerous activity, but sometimes hidden dangers in the product design can lead to catastrophic injuries or even fatal accidents. The design dangers may include stability defects that lead to rollovers, which often cause severe injuries including head trauma, paralysis, and even fatal injuries. There are also certain dangers due to lack of proper blade protection, which leads to injuries that could and should have been prevented. According to the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission, an estimated 37,000 Americans may be injured because of a power mower-related accident.

We work with engineering and safety experts to analyze lawn mower rollovers and accidents and determine if the product was defective. If you or a family member was injured while using your lawn mower, speak to an experienced Columbus personal injury attorney. You may have a product liability claim against the lawn mower company that could allow you to fully recover the financial and other losses you suffered.

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Lawn Mower Injuries Resulting From Design Defects

Riding lawn mowers may contain design defects due to the lack of rollover protection systems (ROPS) or due to stability flaws. The ROPS is particularly important when lawn mowers, including zero-turn radius mowers, are easily prone to tip and roll over. When the ROPS is either missing or defective, the injuries suffered in a rollover can be life-altering and may include severe head trauma, spinal cord injuries or paralysis.

Lawn mower manufacturers are also required to add in blade protection to help protect users from severe cuts and loss of limbs, fingers or toes. However, these methods of protection sometimes fall short.

If you or a family member has suffered injuries while using a lawn mower, contact our firm so that we can pursue any product liability claims that may exist.

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