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Columbus Brain Injury Attorneys: Helping Victims Of Serious Injuries And TBI

Brain injuries can vary greatly from person to person. In some cases, the injury may be immediately apparent such as an open head injury in a car accident. Other times, symptoms may take time to develop and a serious brain injury may not be immediately detected. If the brain injury was the result of an accident, it is important for you to seek legal counsel so your rights can be protected and you receive the full compensation you need.

The Columbus brain injury attorneys at Crawford & Brown Law Firm LLP, are experienced at handling cases involving brain injuries. We will provide you with dedicated presentation and one-on-one service.

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Experienced And Committed Atlanta-Area Closed Head Injury Attorneys

We represent clients in personal injury lawsuits who have suffered brain injuries as a result of:

  • Heat stroke or heat trauma
  • Motor vehicle crashes
  • Sports and recreational activities
  • Construction accidents
  • Slip-and-fall accidents

Whether you have suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) in a car crash or brain damage as a result of heat stroke due to others’ inappropriate conduct, we can help you. We are experienced in investigating and pursuing personal injury claims. Our attorneys often consult with medical experts, neuropsychologists, and neurosurgeons to build your case for trial. We will explore every avenue so you can secure the compensation you need for your current and future medical expenses, lost wages, and damages for your mental and physical suffering.

Brain Injury Cases Handled By Our Lawyers

Brain Injury Claim/Personal Injury – $584,000 Settlement: We represented a woman who began to suffer from symptoms of traumatic brain injury following a relatively minor car wreck in LaGrange, Georgia. Proving that the traumatic brain injury was caused by the wreck was challenging due to the low speed of the collision, plus an unrelated surgery a month after the wreck to remove a cyst. Despite those challenges, we effectively proved the brain injury was caused by the wreck using testimony from treating doctors and from friends and co-workers who noted her personality changes immediately following the wreck and before the surgery. The insurance limits were recovered from the driver of the vehicle, and we continued to search for additional sources of recovery. We gathered evidence showing that the driver, despite being on a lunch break, was nonetheless “on the job” such that we were able to recover additional insurance coverage from his employer. Price v. Unnamed Individual, State Court of Cherokee County, Georgia; and Price v. Unnamed Employer, State Court of Gwinnett County, Georgia.

Brain Injury Case/Auto Defect – $15,085,000 Jury Verdict: Our attorneys, along with Pete Law and Mike Moran of the firm Law & Moran, represented Erica Maybaum and her family. Erica was hurt when her family’s Jeep Cherokee was struck by a drunk driver. Erica, who was 12 years old, suffered a serious injury to her brain and spine when her seat collapsed and threw her into the rear cargo area of the vehicle. A suit was brought against the vehicle manufacturer, the company that built the seat for the vehicle and the drunk driver who caused the wreck. Pete Law, Mike Moran and Jason Crawford tried the case in the State Court of Fulton County. Maybaum v. JCI et al., State Court of Fulton County, Georgia.

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