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Attorneys With An In-Depth Understanding Of UM/UIM Coverage

Auto insurance can be confusing. Even if you’ve heard of uninsured/underinsured motorist (UM/UIM) coverage, you may not know what it means or what it can do for you.

However, here at Crawford & Brown Law Firm LLP in Columbus, we have plenty of experience with this and other types of insurance. We can explain what you need to know to protect yourself and your family. Our Columbus car accident lawyers can also use our knowledge to fight for maximum compensation for you, should you or a loved one be injured in an accident.

What Is UM/UIM Coverage?

Essentially, this is insurance coverage that you buy to provide extra money if you are ever injured by a driver without insurance or without enough insurance to pay for the damage he or she caused.

It also comes into play in hit-and-run accidents. If you are injured by someone who flees the scene and can’t be located, UM/UIM coverage can provide the compensation you need to cover your expenses.

Is Uninsured Motorist Coverage Required In Georgia?

In Georgia, you are not required to carry uninsured motorist coverage. Drivers are only required by law to carry $25,000 in liability insurance. This means if you are in an accident that isn’t your fault and you don’t have uninsured motorist coverage, you could be paying out of pocket for your medical bills.

Also, if someone with the minimum amount of coverage hits you, you can only collect $25,000 to cover your injuries. That’s why having UM/UIM coverage is so important. It can provide the extra money you need to pay for medical bills and other damages.

An Example Of A UM/UIM Case

You are driving along Route 315 when a drunk driver swerves into your lane and hits your car head-on. You suffer a serious injury that leaves you partially disabled and will likely affect you for the rest of your life. This will impact your ability to earn a living and cause lost income in excess of $100,000.

However, the driver who hit you has no auto insurance at all. He can’t pay for a single dollar of your medical treatment and can’t reimburse your lost income. Thankfully, you were carrying $500,000 of UM/UIM coverage, so we will be able to seek a recovery through that available insurance.

My Insurance Company Won’t Pay My Claim. Now What?

Insurance companies sometimes fail to pay legitimate claims, stall on payment or use other tactics to avoid parting with money. Even if you have UM/UIM coverage, you may need skilled legal help to get the full amount of compensation you deserve after an accident.

Let our experienced Columbus car accident attorneys work on your behalf. We have handled many insurance disputes over the years, and we are very familiar with Georgia law.

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