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Holding Nursing Homes Responsible For Injuries And Neglect

If you are concerned about the medical care received by a loved one in a nursing home, contact the lawyers at Crawford & Brown Law Firm LLP, in Columbus, Georgia, for a free initial consultation. Sometimes physical injuries or trips to an emergency room are signs of nursing home neglect or abuse.

Common Injuries Resulting From Nursing Home Neglect

Among the most common injuries our Columbus nursing home neglect attorneys see are bedsores (sometimes called pressure sores or decubitus ulcers). Bedsores often develop on patients who are bedridden or immobilized in wheelchairs. If the patient is not moved or repositioned regularly by nursing home staff, bedsores can develop on the patient’s heels, elbows, tailbone, buttocks or other parts of the body. These sores are very dangerous, can be difficult to treat and can lead to serious infection and even death.

Other types of nursing home injuries include:

  • Dehydration and malnutrition
  • Broken bones from repeated falls
  • Wandering (sometimes called elopement)
  • Medication errors
  • Physical and sexual abuse

Many cases of nursing home negligence can be traced to deliberate understaffing to cut costs. The sooner you contact one of our Columbus personal injury lawyers, the sooner we can request medical records and interview nursing home staff members to determine what happened to your loved one. Sometimes, the only way to hold the nursing home accountable and prevent similar injuries to other people is by filing a civil lawsuit.

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