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From mini trucks to ATVs and motorcycles, recreational vehicles are generally a source of fun and enjoyment. These vehicles, however, can pose hidden dangers if not properly designed by the manufacturer. When an ATV or recreational vehicle has that type of dangerous design, the injuries caused are often severe and may result in paralysis or even death to the vehicle operator.

The lawyers at Crawford & Brown Law Firm LLP are skilled litigators who have handled severe and fatal motorcycle, ATV, and recreational vehicle accidents. Our experience and our record of successful results provides a strong foundation for new cases moving forward, and our Columbus motor vehicle accident lawyers will work aggressively to obtain maximum compensation for you.

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Motorcycle accidents, ATV accidents, and recreational vehicle wrecks often involve severe and catastrophic injuries, including head trauma, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and paralysis.

These injuries can result from any type of motorcycle or other recreational vehicle accident, including:

  • Three-wheeler and four-wheeler accidents
  • Yamaha Rhino rollovers
  • ATV accidents

We work with design and safety experts and engineers to analyze these types of accidents and determine if the product was defective and caused these injuries. For example, ATV accidents may be the result of stability problems due to faulty design or manufacture. Our lawyers know what issues to look for and how to pursue manufacturer or product liability claims to get compensation for your injuries, medical bills, lost wages and any potential future losses.

We are also adept at effectively handling wrongful death claims stemming from motorcycle accidents that occur both on roads and off-road.

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