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Why some drivers are more likely to cause accidents

On Behalf of | Jun 4, 2023 | Car Accidents

There are hundreds of millions of drivers every day. Of these million drivers, thousands are involved in auto accidents a year. Why do so many auto accidents happen?

Frankly, some drivers are just more likely to cause accidents than others. There are three drivers that you should be wary around:

1. Student drivers

There are always people out there learning to drive for the first time. These drivers often have a very basic understanding of traffic flow and how to operate their vehicles. Student drivers may fail to signal their actions or misunderstand traffic signs. As a result, student drivers may have a higher chance of causing accidents.

2. Drunk drivers

Alcohol greatly impairs people’s senses. For example, drunk drivers may have impaired vision, low muscle control and poor judgment – which are all essential for safe driving. Despite laws that prohibit drunk driving, many people still drive drunk. Drunk driving occurs at all hours of the day but is typically seen at night. 

3. Distracted driving

Distractions are a large cause of unsafe driving. There are many distractions that can cause unsafe driving, such as the radio, air conditioner and animals. The most common distraction is caused by phones. Phones can ring and draw drivers’ attention away from the road. 

How can you spot these drivers?

The most common way to spot unsafe drivers is by watching their actions on the road. Swerving, sudden stopping or constantly switching lanes may indicate that a driver is inexperienced, drunk or distracted. 

Even if you do spot a dangerous driver, however, you can’t always prevent an accident. You may need to understand your right to seek compensation if you’re in an auto accident.