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How can overwork and burnout contribute to prescription errors?

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2024 | Medical Malpractice

Prescription medication is often necessary to help patients recover from severe health conditions, addressing symptoms and various forms of pain. Despite being a helpful tool for recovery, these substances can be deadly if dispensed and taken incorrectly. Unfortunately, prescription errors are widespread problems that can lead to severe injuries, disabilities and fatalities.

The medical industry has various initiatives to address these errors. However, these mistakes still happen, with burnout as a main contributing factor. Pharmacies take on an active role in addressing medical needs across the country. Their work is significantly valuable, but pharmacists tend to suffer from overwork and burnout, increasing the likeliness of medication errors.

Overworking pharmacists can be deadly

These unsafe working conditions can have grave repercussions. Pharmacists are responsible for ensuring patients use and consume their prescribed medication correctly. If these practitioners are suffering from severe fatigue and other workload-induced impairments, patients’ lives can be at risk of overdose, adverse drug reactions and other prescription-related injuries.

Additionally, pharmacists can put their jobs at risk if they get caught making these prescription mistakes. There are ways to address these issues, but their effectiveness can depend on the circumstances.

Preventing prescription errors

In recent years, the medical industry has been exploring methods to mitigate prescription errors through prevention. To avoid procedural lapses and mistakes, healthcare providers can utilize computerized systems and automation tools, making routing more efficient while upholding the standard of care.

Still, some prescription errors can happen due to the carelessness of medical practitioners or providers. Based on the situation, it can be medical malpractice. If you suffered damages because of prescription errors, you could consider taking legal action to hold at-fault parties accountable for their negligence.