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3 crash injuries people may not notice until the next day or later

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2023 | Car Accidents

Some car crash injuries are so visibly catastrophic that the need for emergency medical care is instantly obvious. Some people bleed severely or are unable to extricate themselves from mangled vehicles because of the extent of their injuries. When this occurs, others know to call for emergency help right away.

However, there are many people who get hurt in crashes without realizing it at the scene of an accident. There are multiple potentially life-altering medical issues commonly associated with car crashes that don’t always present immediate symptoms at the scene of a wreck. Those involved in a crash will often need to watch themselves and their loved ones for warning signs of the three injuries below, as a result.

Traumatic brain injuries

When the motion of the vehicles was quite violent or someone lost consciousness during the crash, they are at elevated risk of potentially having a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Such injuries often only produce noticeable symptoms after several days have passed. It may take quite some time for the bleeding or bruising to reach a point where the symptoms demand immediate medical evaluation.

Internal bleeding

The safety restraints that keep someone in the vehicle can also sometimes lead to injuries inside someone’s body. Internal bleeding caused by restraints or the structure of the vehicle will be a serious concern, especially in high-speed collisions where the vehicles were not safe to drive afterward or the airbags deployed. The bleeding could continue unchecked until it reaches a point where someone starts feeling dizzy or has trouble breathing several days later.

Soft tissue injuries, like whiplash

While they may be less severe than brain injuries or internal bleeding, soft tissue injuries can still be debilitating. They can put people in the hospital or leave them unable to work for weeks. Often, people don’t notice them the same day as the crash, which might mean they have a harder time getting insurance coverage for their treatment and lost wages later.

Seeing a doctor shortly after a motor vehicle collision can lead to a quicker diagnostic process and may improve someone’s chances of fully recovering both physically and financially from their harm.