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Is your elderly relative malnourished?

On Behalf of | May 6, 2023 | Nursing Home Abuse

Placing your elderly relative in a nursing home is a big decision, but doing so may be in their best interests. Your relative may need round-the-clock assistance with day-to-day living, and this is something that an assisted living facility can provide. They can help your loved one stay on top of their medication, personal hygiene and even meal preparation.

All nursing home facilities owe a legal duty of care to residents. Staff cannot be abusive or neglect the needs of your loved one. Unfortunately, there are occasions when facilities fail with regard to their duties. Your elderly relative may not be receiving the nourishment that they require to live a fulfilling life. Outlined below are some of the key warning signs that your elderly relative may be malnourished.

A lack of energy

Despite being advanced in years, your relative may ordinarily be very positive and full of energy. They look forward to your visits and you always do something relatively active together. In recent weeks, this energy has diminished. Your loved one barely has the energy to get out of bed and they have no interest in doing anything that might be fun. A lack of energy could be a sign of malnourishment.

Sores that don’t heal

On your last visit, you noticed a sore on the arm of your loved one as well as some bruising. It didn’t look too bad at the time, so you assumed they had just had a minor injury and would be better on your next visit. However, the wound hasn’t healed the next time you see them. In fact, there are more sores and the bruising seems to be worse. Excessive bruising and sores that don’t heal could be a sign of nursing home abuse, but they can also point to malnourishment, which can potentially be a form of neglect.

Noticeable weight loss

Your relative takes great pride in their appearance, and their clothes are always an immaculate fit. Nonetheless, on your most recent visit, you notice that the shirt they often wear appears loose and ill-fitting. Your loved one has noticeably lost weight which is an indication that they are not getting enough to eat.

Malnutrition is a common symptom of nursing home abuse and neglect. If you find yourself in a situation like those described above, be sure to seek legal guidance in order to look into your legal options.