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Why are modern cars a bigger threat to pedestrians?

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2022 | Car Accidents

Have you noticed how much bigger modern cars are getting? That’s bad news if you are a pedestrian.

When you take to the streets on foot, you are vulnerable to the actions of drivers around you.  While any size of vehicle could kill or seriously injure you, the large sports utility vehicles (SUVs) that manufacturers push are particularly problematic.

Why are SUVs so dangerous? There are three main reasons:

#1. Larger mass means more force

Some SUVs weigh around two and a half tons. One report found that some of them are comparable in size to a WW2 tank. The heavier something is, the more force it can hit you with and the more damage it can do. Think about the difference between being hit by a tennis ball and a baseball.

#2. Higher fronts mean more damage

The high fronts of these vehicles mean that if they hit someone, they are likely hitting their whole body and if the person is not that tall, even their head. Smaller cars tend to hit below the waist, making them less likely to damage vital organs.

#3. The bulk makes it difficult for drivers to see pedestrians

The raised vantage point is one of the reasons people buy SUVs. While that does have advantages for seeing other vehicles, the sheer bulk of an SUV makes it harder to see people on foot or on bicycles. They also tend to have thicker than usual columns around the windows, which obstructs the view further.

If someone in an SUV hits you or a loved one, seek legal help to understand more about your compensation options.